Dr. Richard J. Pockat, DDS, PA


After 25 years of practice in the Charlotte area I am pleased to annouce that I have closed my Endodontic practice in order to pursue other interests.

It has been a privilege to have served many thousands of patients and I have especially enjoyed the relationships with many fine dentists during that time.

AE LoogIf you are seeking Endodontic treatment from an Endodontist, please follow the referral advice of your family dentist or follow this link to locate an Endodontist near you.

Learn more about Endodontic Treatment here.

To request a transfer of records to another dental office,  please send email to drpockat@gmail.com.

Thank you!

Dr. Richard J. Pockat
December 19, 2013

Click here for Authoization to Release Protected Health Information (PDF).
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